Blastocyst Transfer
Blastocyst Transfer Blastocyst Transfer Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB), Johor Service | Victory IVF Fertility Lab DAY 0 - Mature Egg (MII)DAY 1 - Fertilized Egg (2PN)Day 1.5 - Embryo (2 Cells)DAY 2 - Embryo (4 Cells) DAY 3 - Embryo (8 Cells)DAY 4 - Embryo (Morula)DAY 5 - Blastocyst
Blastocyst culturing is referring to the extended culturing of embryos to blastocyst stage, normally on the fifth day after oocyte retrieval. Extended culturing helps to select the embryo with best implantation potential for transfer, maximising the pregnancy rates while minimising the risk of multiple pregnancies.
  • High number of embryos produced
  • Multiple pregnancies have to be avoided (e.g. malformed uterus)

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